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Humorous Fiction for Young Adults

Cameron Tiberius McPherson and His Magic Chair.

Cameron Tiberius McPherson and his Magic Chair is a fantasy adventure story for children 8-12.

Cameron's 'Magic' chair is a parable about young, disabled children’s search for independence, focus and passion. The story highlights the need for children to have unilateral, free access to powered wheelchairs and the freedom that these chairs provide. Many children across the world have limited or no access to powered wheelchairs. Manual chairs make it difficult for the user to self-propel and to gain greater independence.

The story focuses on Cameron, a disabled boy, and his wheelchair. Cameron becomes the hero of his story—never to be pitied, always to be respected! The book’s aim is to encourage diversity and inclusion through an imaginative adventure.


Throughout his summer holidays, Cameron's focus, ambition and determination help him overcome a series of obstacles and bizarre events. With a little help from his friends and his new magic chair, he discovers his independence and learns to appreciate the endless possibilities that lay ahead.

The story is rich in language and is driven by a series of eccentric, multi-cultural characters, encouraging readers to celebrate acceptance, diversity and collaboration.

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A note from author Tug J. Wilson:

The inspiration for 'Cameron Tiberius McPherson and his Magic Chair' comes from time I spent with a little boy with cerebral palsy who lived with me for many years.

One day, in the bathroom of a west end restaurant, the (ridiculously small) toilet cubicle collapsed, after pulling Cameron's wheelchair too hard!

Amidst the detritus, Cameron exclaimed "I wish I had a wheelchair to fly away!" Luckily there were no injuries, and after a lot of laughter we made a quick get-away! 

From that hilarious event, the story took flight!

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Cameron couldn't help watching. It was strangely compelling. The sky flashed bright white, momentarily blinding them both.
"Was that lightning?" he gasped. A split second later, his eyes adjusted. Amidst the drama of the twirling twister, he thought he could see a multi-coloured van driving calmly through the sky, with flashing pink and green headlights. Its psychedelic exterior was a vivid contrast to the black and grey of the tornado. Cameron thought he could just make out a shadowy shape behind the wheel.
"Mum, Mum, look! I think... that's an ice cream van driving through the sky."

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Cameron began to panic. Everything had happened so quickly.
"Ruby, pull the parachute cord!"
"There is no actual parachute," replied a perfectly calm Ruby. "The skirt is the parachute. You're perfectly safe."
Cameron's heart was beating so fast he could hear it in his ears. but as he got used to the ride, his adrenalin slowed and the thrill of it overcame his fear. He could hear the bells on his harness tinkling and the wind whistling around his ears.
"Wheeeeeeeee!" he shouted at the top of his voice.
"Wonderful isn't it," shouted Ruby, "to have the wind blowing around one's knickers!"

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" A broken dream may need a fixin'.
In my van I'll do the mixin',
I'll oil your wish and make it work. 
I'll clean your dream of all its dirt,
So come on board, no time to waste!
Create your dream with fun and haste.
Your wheelchair's broken, well don't panic.
I'm Mr Pea the whizz Maganic!"

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Cameron's chair spun round and round in a sparkling whirlwind... he couldn't quite believe what was happening, His chair was changing shape before his very eyes. He felt a strange sensation like something was melting around him. The intense light started to dim. Gradually it ebbed away.
Cameron found himself sitting in a pair of huge mechanical legs with flared trousers. The helmet had changed into a golden quiff and the wings on the side of the chair had transformed into a large upturned collar. It was an Elvis dancing machine!

Chapter 6_Rockin' and Rollin'_final.jpg
Preview book

What a fantastic book. Filled with amazing characters - we loved Lulu and Mr Pea. However, it's the villains that make this book. Longfingers and Cornichon were a delight. Can't wait for a second book as this has the real backbone for a nice series. Bravo Tug Wilson

Praise & Reviews

I bought this for my 11 year old step daughter and we both ended up reading it. What a fantastic, funny and well written story with great characters. It also helps young people understand and appreciate disabilities, so the story is more than just fiction. I’ve bought several copies as Christmas presents and highly recommend this wonderful book.

This book is a great read for adults and children alike. Full to bursting of a wonderful use of language and imaginative story telling. The characters are so alive with description and feeling. Be prepared to be transported into Cameron’s world. Colourful and exciting. The Author shows a deep humanity and understanding of the hilarity involved with living with disability and the illustrations really serve to help tell the story. I really hope it becomes a huge hit as it teaches such a lot on many levels.

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About Tug J. Wilson 

Tug has always written Fantasy adventure stories for children. Even when he was one himself! He used to write them and store them underneath his bed. His world was rocked when his mother discovered them and tactfully asked where he got his ideas from. 
Later he went on to write and perform in theatre in education (TIE) which led to acting, writing and presenting 'Let's Pretend' for Central TV.

His acting took him to Austin, Texas where he starred as Dan Sheets in Palace Pictures 'Roach Motel' He's acted in various films for the BFI including, 'Frantz Fanon, black skin white mask' and 'The Attendant' He played Karl in Sir Isaac Julien's seminal film 'Looking for Langston' as well as writing 'Trussed' for Julien.

The restaurant scene in 'Cameron Tiberius McPherson and his Magic Chair' was inspired by his foray into the world of food and restaurants- his other work as a jobbing actor! But to his credit, he has cooked for Tony Blair, Grayson Perry (his Turner prize dinner) Goldfrapp, Helena Christensen and many others.

He is currently excited about his new project - a fantasy adventure and humorous fiction for young adults. 

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