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About the author

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"Writing is something that you can never do as well as it has been done...It is more difficult than anything I have ever done- so I do it. And it makes me happy when I do it well."

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Tug has always written fantasy adventure stories for children, even when he was one himself! He used to write them and store them underneath his bed. His world was rocked when his mother discovered them and tactfully asked where he got his ideas from. 

Later he went on to write and perform in theatre in education (TIE) which led to acting, writing and presenting 'Let's Pretend' for Central TV.


Tug J. Wilson was born in Devon and has lived in Malta, Istanbul, Berlin and London.

He has a lived experience of working and living with friends and family with disabilities - in particular wheelchair users. This has made him conscious of (and frustrated by) the obstacles that disabled people encounter in daily living situations.

He is interested in awakening cultural curiosity in children and his fantasy adventure book 'Cameron Tiberius McPherson and his Magic Chair' is full of cultural and historical references, delivered in a fun and unusual way.

He loves and embraces diverse British society and how it influences individual expression.

His upcoming work is a humorous novel for young adults which explores the political ideology of fascism, characterised by a dictatorial leader woven into an intriguing plot, sprinkled with magic, witchcraft, humour and surprises!

Wilson’s acting took him to Austin, Texas where he starred as Dan Sheets in Palace Pictures 'Roach Motel'. He's acted in various films for the BFI including, 'Frantz Fanon, black skin white mask' and 'The Attendant'. He played Karl in Sir Isaac Julien's seminal film 'Looking for Langston' as well as writing 'Trussed' for Julien.

The restaurant scene in 'Cameron Tiberius McPherson and his Magic Chair' was inspired by his foray into the world of food and restaurants, his other work as a jobbing actor! But to his credit, he has cooked for Tony Blair, Grayson Perry (his Turner prize dinner!), Goldfrapp, Helena Christensen and many others.

He is currently excited about his next project - a fantasy adventure and humorous fiction for young adults. 

"My Eccentricity became my direction"

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